Find connections between bitcoin addresses and transactions.


Swap Addresses

This option will only look for a direct series of transactions going from the start transaction/output to the end transaction/output.

The order is important, as this option will only look for a connection in a forwards direction.

Swap Addresses Query Running

Trying to find a connection. This may take up to 10 minutes...


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1HD6vVQ26GHbw9ForW1bf8wjXauzKbxPQz 1JUPzbPcdhdJpJyZzGdiWbQzvcU7RdfeQu
Between addresses.
1HD6vVQ26GHbw9ForW1bf8wjXauzKbxPQz 1348fdcc05da9d7e35de5d212d45a161ec7f5fc7c86d5f4cb28cbed8f3859260
Between address and transaction.
8dc650f63a07dbdaa45737ce7e1c00433492d8e9e7962daf39089138e9fc4c8d 852fffccfc323d2e08ead91d23a480eb23b59c3c1af9705a8df58c605f88f012
Between transactions.
80b63b27213811df4e96b4f1ea5a79b7de068a2c99a1790724b36bcec029816f fe3cdd7df801ec99b48a3b030547941e544acf2f6288554e452e14421a98e71c:0
Between transaction and output.
2e1b961511fcef02a777e481f6afef47296634358319aac8fad8d611fc6fe71d:1 fe3cdd7df801ec99b48a3b030547941e544acf2f6288554e452e14421a98e71c:0
Between outputs.


This is a simple tool for finding connections between bitcoin addresses and/or transactions.

Enter the addresses (or TXIDs) you would like to find a connection between, and the tool will return the shortest path of transactions that connect them together.

This tool does not give opinions on the strength of the connection. Just because there is a connection between two addresses, it does not mean that they are owned by the same entity. You will need to inspect the transactions yourself to determine how they're connected together, and therefore the strength of that connection.

To avoid overloading the database, this tool will only look for connections within a maximum of 50 hops between the start and end address/TXID. A hop is counted as a connection from address -> input, input -> tx, tx -> output, or output -> address.


The job of this tool is to display the shortest connections between addresses and transactions (if one exists). So it only shows the parts of transactions that are connected together, and not the entire transactions.

To help with inspecting full transaction details and visualizing how they're connected together, try these tools:


This website does not keep track of your IP or your requests.

Your IP may be used for rate-limiting to prevent the database from being overloaded, but to protect your privacy only a hash of your IP is stored on the server temporarily.

Requests are written the default database logs, but these are regularly deleted and are only used for debugging purposes. None of these requests are connected with IP addresses.

In other words, I don't know who is making what requests, nor am I interested.

You give your IP address to every website you visit, and this can be used to connect your activity across the Internet. If you want to improve your privacy, consider using a VPN (e.g. Mullvad).

Blockchain Analysis

I don't think blockchain analysis is in the spirit of Bitcoin.

However, the blockchain is a public ledger, so the connections between addresses and transactions are available for anyone to find.

The problem is that finding these connections quickly requires complex tooling and powerful servers, which means the ability to connect bitcoin addresses is primarily controlled by private blockchain analysis companies, and these tools are not easily available to the average person.

This creates an imbalance in the information available to companies and individuals.


*The database this tool runs on remains at least 2 blocks behind the current tip of the blockchain. This is to avoid importing blocks and transactions that may get removed from the blockchain due to a chain reorganisation. You may need to wait 30 minutes or so if you want to find a connection to an address or transaction that has recently been mined.


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